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At Litrenta Law, a Charlotte criminal defense firm, we handle all of your traffic and criminal law needs.  Having both worked for several different firms for close to a decade, we saw the need for a different kind of practice. A firm that is service oriented. A firm that puts the client first. A firm that has experienced, dedicated attorneys who are accessible to their clients. We are proud to be that firm.

Whether you are facing a traffic ticket or a serious felony charge, we understand the tremendous effects it can have on your everyday life, your future and even jeopardize any professional licenses you may hold. Our Charlotte criminal defense attorneys want to make sure we do whatever we can to ease your stress, explain the judicial process and obtain the very best results for you.

Our priority is making sure we are available to you throughout your case. That means giving every client our cell phone numbers. Besides the fear and anxiety a traffic or criminal charge can bring, court appearances often require you to miss work or school. Our criminal attorneys in Charlotte offer extended office hours to make sure you can meet with us at your convenience.

We proudly serve clients throughout Charlotte and the surrounding areas. We have courtroom experience in Mecklenburg, Gaston, Stanly, Cabarrus, Union, Lincoln, Cleveland, Iredell and Guilford counties.

Call us today at (704) 800-4220 for your free consultation with one of our top Charlotte criminal defense attorneys and let us show you how we are different. You may also fill out the online form below and we will contact you shortly.

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5 Star Reviews


Attorneys Michael and Carla Litrenta focus on their client’s futures, and have received numerous 5-star reviews from them. Below are the most recent ones. Please follow the link read more reviews!

  • March 2, 2019

    Best Lawyer in Town!!!!

    ★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Tabatha
    Revelations 21:8 says ALL liars will enter the lake of fire so I am not going to lie. My husband got caught with marijuana down in North Carolina and we live in Ohio. It wasn't really my husband's but his friends well that is what I was told anyways. However he had to go to court and he just started a job and couldn't make it so I called Michael and from the beginning he was very outgoing and interested in the case. I wanted my husband to plead guilty and pay the fine, but he said no you should not rollover and this is what I will do for you. So I really liked Michael from the beginning and called another lawyer who was actually 100 dollars cheaper but he did NOT seem interested in the case whatsoever and not really about the people. That guy told me he was out of the office and to call him on Monday, when Michael told me I could call or text him anytime and even gave me his cell phone number and I told my husband about him and his price and we were hooked. He hook sank and caught us but I am so glad he did!! He only charges 1 price and that is just amazing that it's not price per hour or anything like that. Also he will work with you if you don't have the money right away like we didn't. Welp I forgot about it but court had come up and he messaged me telling me he was about to go to court and we had to pay him the other half and I have so much going on around me that I forgot about it and court honestly it just a lot going on. Anywho, the next thing I know he's texting me telling me the case got dismissed and no need for any drug classes or fines! I was so pleased and still am with how personable Michael is. He is really the best lawyer I have seen even in Ohio Florida or Utah well Michigan too. I really believe he is the best and just the nicest guy that has been around in any type of business in a long time!! Thanks again Mike!!

  • March 1, 2019

    ★★★★★ Posted in Google by Anonymous
    I would use these guys in a heartbeat! The price is super reasonable and it's just one price not price per hour, and Michael really cares and so I am sure he and his wife would hire the same kind of people, but he really does care and even got our charges dismissed! I really liked them from the beginning! I called around and found one guy cheaper but he did not seem like he really wanted the case and was not caring and since we are from out of town and couldn't make it down to North Carolina he really seemed like he did not mind the case! I really enjoyed his kindness it's very rare you get anyone who cares as much as this guy! I really can't get over his willingness to be nice and caring! I was one to just rollover and pay a Ticket but with him we did not have to because he got the charges dropped I thank you guys for all your hard work! God Bless and Remember that Jesus Saves and He WILL be back! Thanks again!



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